Sicily custom tour

Itinerary-planning for the independent, discerning traveller


Planning a Sicily custom tour? Looking for help to plan your itinerary? Whether you are an independent, discerning traveller or a tour operator Sicily TravelNet can help you design, plan, and organize a Sicily custom tour.

Our multilingual team can provide personalized travel programs that best suit your interests and budget: day-by-day sightseeing itinerary, detailed information about where to visit, travel directions, and any other useful tips we believe will help you make the most of your time here in Sicily. And, if you wish, we can provide English- speaking drivers and guides.


Sicily TravelNet will work with tour operators, group organizers, teachers with a specific cultural or educational focus in mind to design a customized (ad-hoc) travel program. Our Sicilian born and bred experts know Sicily inside out and have a great deal of experience designing private tours for families, friends, businesses, clubs, alumni, and reunion groups. You’ll get to know the many facets of Sicilian culture- past and present!

To take advantage of our travel consulting service, let us know (at least five weeks in advance of the planned travel) that you would like an itinerary planned for you. Please specify particular areas of interest, the age range of your family/group, mode of transport you would like to use. The more detail you give us, the more likely we are to be able to meet your needs successfully. We need at least five weeks’ notice so we can clarify any points with you.

Sicily custom tour- itinerary planning


Build up your itinerary with us! We can help you design an unforgettable trip! Here you can find ideas for tours and activities you can join while travelling in Sicily

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