Palermo is a longstanding symbol of multiculturalism. Since ancient times, it has been a meeting place for art forms, traditions, languages, flavours, and fragrances. The many civilisations that have conquered and inhabited it over the centuries have left their distinctive imprint indelibly. Rarely a place arouses so many feelings and emotions, often conflicting with each other.

This is the charm of Palermo: its thousand faces and its varied atmospheres that capture every visitor.

Layered civilizations and cultures emerge in various corners of the historic center. The city has been Phoenician, Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Norman, Swabian, French, and Spanish. Here you can find unique styles such as the Arab-Norman (Unesco heritage since 2015) or the Gothic-Catalan. Both pieces of evidence of the continuous alternation of cultures in the past so different from each other. In these places, they merge into a surprising and, at the same time, harmonious unicum.


The area around the capital is ideal for touring, recreation, hiking, and experiencing food and wine. There are plenty of enchanting places and charming seaside resorts such as CefalùMondello, and Mongerbino. You can venture inland and discover the cultural uniqueness of Piana degli Albanesi, Contessa Entellina and Palazzo Adriano. Or wander through the nature of the Madonie Mountains park. Here you will find unique places like Castelbuono, the city of “manna” and Sicilian panettone, Geraci Siculo, Petralia Soprana-“the most beautiful village in Italy”, and Ganci.