Sciacca Tour

Sciacca tour

Sciacca Tour

Sciacca is famous for its ceramics and hot baths. The tour covers places of interest and locations where the most important events in the history of Sciacca took place. Optional visit to  a pottery workshop,  oil press and winery. The itinerary can be customized to search town’s records and look for family homes if your ancestors hailed from Sciacca

We start from Mount Cronio (m.397), whose karst cavities and grottoes were used as a place of worship or for thearapeutical purposes by the local people, the Greeks, the Roman and the hermit Saint Calogero (5th centrury A.D.). After a stop to enjoy the breath-taking view and a visit to the Termae and the Antiquarium, transfer to the historical centre and walk between imposing princely palaces and religious buildings: the New Castle or Castle of the Luna counts, the baroque Duomo, dedicated to Saint Mary Magdalene, on the project of the Sciacca architect Michele Blasco, Palazzo Scaglione with its museum, Palazzo Arona- Perollo, the Jesuite College (now the town hall), the San Domenico Church, founded in 1532 by father Tommaso Fazello, Piazza del Popolo or Scandaliato with its view of the port and the Mediterranean Sea, the Santa Margherita Church, built in 1342 at the behest of the infanta Eleonora of Aragona, Palazzo Perollo, the San Salvatore Gate, the Carmine Church, rebuilt in the 1700, the Steripinto Palace, in Catalan plateresque style and the Palermo Gate, surmounted by an eagle with open wings.

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