Sicily Roots Tour 2024 – Genealogy in Sicily

Sicily Roots Tour

Eager to learn about your Sicilian heritage and you don’t know where to get started? Dream of tracing the footsteps of your ancestors by visiting their hometowns? We can help! We can conduct genealogical research based on the information you provide and we can design a Sicily Roots Tour that incorporates sites of ancestral relevance along with Sicilian highlights.

Genealogy in Sicily

Our team of Sicilian professional researchers and historians can trace your genealogy in Sicily and discover your Sicilian ancestors. Our services include research of church records of baptism and civil records of births, marriages, and deaths, military records, and records housed in state archives or notary archives. As a result of this work of study and intuition, we can locate lost relatives and build your family tree.  At the end of the genealogy research in Sicily, you’ll receive copies of available family documents (birth, marriage,  death records), a genealogy report with transcription and translation of the family information found in the records, and a family tree chart.

Trace your roots in Sicily with our ancestry tours!

Let us design a Sicily Roots tour for you! Sicily TravelNet can take you on a journey to your origins and the traditions of your land.  You’ll immerse yourself in your ancestral culture, walk in the footsteps of your ancestors and connect with your Sicilian roots Your experienced tour guide will help you locate the exact houses where your ancestors were born and the church they attended.  If you are lucky enough you can locate existing relatives and the day could end up having a traditional Sicilian lunch or dinner with your relatives acquainted during your stay

With our Sicily Roots tour, you will have a great family and inter-generational travel experience,  you’ll know a lot more about your family heritage and Sicilian culture.

I started my trip to Sicily by visiting my relatives in Rochester…They all listened to my itinerary with poignant enthusiasm. Palermo, Girgenti, Porto Empedocle, Realmonte- the names were like music to them. These were the towns where most of them had spent their childhood and where some of their closest relatives still lived. They looked at the map of Sicily and joked about some of the smaller towns where the population was so small that chickens and goats were said to be included in the count to make the total more impressive.

Jerre Mangione Mount Allegro

For the family tree tour, hire a local tour guide; Michele Gallo ( is well regarded and will do research on your family before you arrive (a full-day tour is about $300). Town clerks, especially in small villages, may be more suspicious than welcoming, especially if you’re not accompanied by a local guide. During my roots tour to Sicily’s Santa Margherita di Belice, getting my grandparents’ records was like pulling teeth: We were told later that locals are recalcitrant because they believe Sicilian Americans are trying to reclaim their ancestors’ lands.

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