Palermo Tours 2022

Palermo Tours 2022

Experience Palermo’s most famous sights with a local tour guide and expert. Enjoy its unique cultural and artistic heritage and experience the local street food!

Getting around Palermo is like travelling through the centuries. You often only need to turn a corner to change the atmosphere completely. Not one, but many cities in one.

Visitors will be fascinated by the city’s long streets and, equally, by the narrow, winding side streets that wind through the heart of the old town. And then there are the famous food markets, of clear Arab origin, a feast of colours, smells, and voices, where the various gastronomic traditions still existing on the island come together!
The keywords that will be your guide during any of your Palermo Tours are “variety” and “contrast”, combined with the warmth and friendliness of the locals.

Browse our Palermo tours and experiences: cultural tours, street food, wine tasting,  and hiking.


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