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Scala dei Turchi Boat Tour/ Dinghy Tour 2024

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Scala dei Turchi Boat Tour or Dinghy Tour

Half day Tours by boat or dinghy

The Scala dei Turchi Boat Tour will take you to one of the most famous beaches in the world. The Scala dei Turchi (Turkish Steps) of Realmonte is, after the Valley of the Temples, the most popular tourist destination for both Italian and foreign visitors to the Agrigento area. The beauty of its white marl cliffs, modeled by the wind and the Mediterranean waves attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Some famous movies have been filmed here and the undulating cliffs that plunge into the sea have been chosen as the backdrop for music clips and advertising campaigns both national and international.

If you only have half a day available, then this is the boat or dinghy cruise for you. With our Scala dei Turchi Boat Tour you will have a memorable experience in the crystalline waters of the sea that washes the Agrigento coast. Marvel at the unparalleled beauty of the coastline between San Leone and the Scala di Turchi.

The Scala dei Turchi Boat Tour takes half day (about 4 hours). In a mere 15 minutes of navigation, with a breeze that caresses your hair, amid the ever-changing glimmers of the turquoise sea, you will get to this amazing cliff of marly white. As you approach from the sea, you will admire it in its magnificent beauty. Dazzled by its pure white color with gray veins at the top. The crystalline waters of a sea which have nothing to envy to the Caribbean and the very warm climate of this area will surely tempt you to take a dip.  The sun's reflections in the crystal clear sea will also ensure that your suntan is perfect.

Heading west to Cape Rossello and the Lighthouse we will stop for a rejuvenating bath in the warm waters of Rocca Gucciarda (u scogliu du zitu e da zita), the Bay of Madonnina. Children can swim in the shallow waters of the so-called "pools".
The last stop will be the area of Pietre Cadute and the "cappellacio" admiring from a distance the beach of Siculiana Marina and Giallonardo.

With the Scala dei Turchi Boat Tour or dinghy tour you will enjoy a unique and relaxing experience.If you are on a tight schedule the excursion Scala dei Turchi by boat or raft is doable in about an hour and a half at a cost of € 35 per person.

An aperitif can be booked on board the boat at the Scala dei Turchi. You can also book a Romantic Apericena at sunset with an exclusive private tour.


Scala dei Turchi Boat Tour Highlights

White Cliffs

Lido Rossello

Rocca Gucciarda



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