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Punta Bianca Boat Tour 2024

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Dinghy/Boat Tour


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Punta Bianca Boat Tour

A Boat or Dinghy Tour to Punta Bianca and Montechiaro Castle

Departure from the marina of San Leone, Molo di Levante. We cruise heading east towards the nature reserve of Punta Bianca, Monte Grande and Scoglio Patella.  Best known for its pristine beaches and its clear sea, the area of Punta Bianca - Monte Grande will surprise you for its unspoiled nature and its wild beauty.

From afar Punta Bianca looks like a large spur of limestone rock shaped like the prow of a ship that slopes towards the African sea creating sandy, marl or pebbled beaches. As we draw closer, the contrast between the cobalt blue sea and the marly white of this "natural lighthouse" shaped by the wind is stunning. The Patella rock seems to welcome us like a little island. The depths invite us to dive to discover the true nature of the Mediterranean Sea. Mysterious and full of suggestion appears the crumbling " customs house " with the Latin inscription " Nec Recisa Recedit " revealing its past destination.

After a stop, we continue the navigation towards the lands of "the Leopard". The Palma di Montechiaro coastal area was visited since prehistory by Mycenaean merchants in search of its precious sulphur. However, it also has ties with the family of the Tomasi di Lampedusa. It is from the Castle of Montechiaro that the ancestors of the author of "The Leopard" got their noble title. The coves and beaches that can only be reached by sea, will surely enchant you with their untouched beauty.  The Cala Vicinzina with its shallow waters perfect for children and a nearby cove will welcome you to bathe and enjoy moments of absolute relaxation.

If you are keen on nature and pristine and lonely beaches, the Punta Bianca boat Tour or dinghy tour is perfect for you!


Punta Bianca Boat Tour Highlights

  • Punta Bianca
  • Cala Vicinzina
  • Beach below the Castle of Palma di Montechiaro


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Terms and Conditions

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