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Mt Etna and Taormina Tour

The Mt Etna and Taormina tour is by far the most popular tour for holidaymakers in the area. It combines unique sceneries and outstanding monuments. Ascent Mt Etna up to Crater Silvestri (about 6000 ft) and explore Taormina in a magnificent position on the spur of Mt Taurus


Mt Etna and Taormina Tour: description

We drive to Mt. Etna, Sicily’s tallest peak and one of Europe’s most famous active volcanoes. Upon arrival, we will visit the area of 2.000 meters (6.000 ft) with the Crateri Silvestri. Time at leisure, Then, we will move on to Taormina. Here, you’ll visit the most impressive monument in the city: the Greco-Roman Theatre. It has the finest site of any theatre in the world and is one of the most striking monuments of antiquity. Then, walk on to the Villa Comunale: the public gardens which are planted with a huge variety of flowering plants and shrubs ranging from the most common to the exotic. Time at leisure in the Corso



Mt Etna and Taormina Tour: review

Our guide Giaccomo led us to a beautiful Mercedez small bus/van that was perfect for our group and off we went. As we drove to Taormina, in perfect English he did a marvelous job of explaining the history of the area, its culture, and the sites we were passing. As one of our group had a bad hip he drove us into the center of Taormina and showed us where he would meet us after he parked the vehicle. He then provided a wonderful tour of the city and later took us up to another city that was above it. I have forgotten the name but it was lovely and provided a spectacular view of the area. The size of our van and Giaccomo’s skill as a driver allowed this trip – the buses from the cruise ship were too large to go up the narrow road. After our visit, we proceeded to Mt. Etna where we ate a late lunch and then walked around one of the smaller vents from the volcano. The walk to the largest vent was a little more than we could handle. It was fascinating and Giacomo did a fabulous job of explaining the landscape and history of the area. A pleasant drive back and our visit came to an end. Overall it was wonderful and I would recommend it to anyone for quality, service, and price. Steve Clark



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